Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Page Applications

2018 Maryland General Assembly
Page Program
Timeline of Important Dates

September 15, 2017                             Page Program Applications released by AACPS

October 23, 2017                                   Page Program Applications due to the AACPS Office of Student Leadership by 5pm.

October 26 &27, 2017                         Maryland General Assembly Page Program Interviews at the Carol Parham Building



DIRECTIONS: All materials must be submitted to in a pdf, word, or jpeg format. The cover sheet with your personal information and signatures must be signed. Any handwritten information submitted must be legible. Your essay questions should be no more than 1 page in length.


1)       Create a single page resume to illustrate your qualification for the page program.
2)       Choose a bill from the 2017 MDGA session and explain why you support or oppose it.
3)       Describe your expectations of the daily duties and responsibilities of a page.
4)       Explain what you hope to gain from this experience.

Please submit your application packet via email to the Office of Student Leadership by Monday  October 23, 2017

Maryland General Assembly Page Program
c/o  Aimee Poisson

Copy and Paste this link for part of the Application:
Download the file and fill it out. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

To our dear friend and mentor, Carolyn Williams, thank you for everything you've done with us in the past year. We know you will achieve great things in the future and we are all so proud to call you our friend.
Best regards,

Thursday, June 15, 2017

CRASC Appointment Applications

Chief of Staff
Assists the President with any and all duties as assigned, and ensures that all meetings run smoothly and remain on task
Legislative Liaisons Committee Co-Chair
Focuses on legislative issues, assists with the creation of stances on student-related legislation, and coordinates CRASC Lobbying Day
Educational Liaisons Committee Co-Chair
Focuses on educational issues, deals with the Board of Education and plans Meet the Board Night as well as other Board related events
Environmental Community Action Committee Co-Chair
Focuses on outreach and service projects, coordinates community partnerships.
Media Liaisons Committee Co-Chair
Provides communication between  all members of CRASC and the executive board, and assists in publicizing CRASC events through various media outlets
High School Coordinator
Focuses on planning for high school focused activities and school based initiatives.
Middle School Council Co-Chair
Assists the Middle School Coordinator with Middle School issues, outreach, and inclusion.
Serves as the advisor to the meeting chair for Parliamentary Procedure
Equity Liaison’s Committee Co-Chair
Focuses on equity issues, assists with the organization of equity events, trainings, and forums related to equity.

We can also create new positions to fill needs that are presented to the organization. If you have any special skills or talents that may benefit CRASC, please tell us so that we can create a role for you.

Application Deadline: Please submit applications by Saturday, July 1st Email to Josie Urrea at or mail to 50 whittier parkway.


                 Name: ________________________________                           

                Email Address: ____________________________   Phone: _________________              
School: __________________________________   Grade in the Fall: ________

Applying for the position of: ________________________________

1.  Please list past leadership experiences that will prepare you for this position, or attach a copy of a current résumé.

2.  Briefly describe 3-5 goals, or new ideas that you would have for the position, if selected.

3.  List 3-5 key skills you think a student leader in this position should possess and why (unique ones, not generic ideas).

4.  Explain to us how you would respond to someone in public making the statement “Kids do CRASC to build their resume so why should we listen to their voice, they don’t have enough life experience anyway?” (100 words or less)

5.  How would you persuade a student who has no previous notions of the organization to become an active participant in CRASC? (100 words or less)

6.  Explain the difference between influence and power and which one you feel CRASC possesses more. (100 words or less)

7.  Do you like or dislike the new change in selection of the board member (all elected)? Explain why or why not and how you would advocate for it, or for a change. (200 words or less)

8.  What workshop/aspect of General Assembly from this past year did you enjoy and why? What would you like to change about it and why? (200 words or less)

9.  Why or why don’t you think CRASC should maintain a legislative influence? (200 words or less)

BONUS: #prezteam JOSIE or Scott

Application Deadline: Please submit applications by Saturday, July 1st Email to Josie Urrea at or mail to 50 whittier parkway.